Executive Medical Plans

Two levels of Private Medical Cover for Company Directors

Could your business cope with the prolonged absence of you as a key team leader due to illness? With NHS waiting list at a record high private medical cover is essential for you and your business. Whether you already have private medical cover, or you are considering it for the first time, HMCA Executive Plans are designed with you and your company in mind.

The Executive Medical Plans provide comprehensive benefits when you need them. There is no NHS waiting period, and you will have access to fast and efficient treatment by top surgeons. This will be at the hospital of your choice, ensuring first-class nursing and the privacy of your own room.

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Two levels of private
medical cover for you

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Why do you need Private Medical Cover?

The NHS is good at what it does, however, no state funded scheme can offer the benefits of Private Medical Cover. All of us want the peace of mind offered by one or all of the following:

  • All the benefits of private medical treatment for you to ensure speedy diagnosis and treatment – please refer to the two levels of cover for specific benefits.
  • VIP treatment with the specialist of your choice, at the time of your choice, at the hospital of your choice.
  • Any hospital on our list (see accomodation list enclosed) may be used and others with prior agreement.
  • Excellent benefits with substantial savings over other major plans.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider the Executive Medical Plan as your first choice for your private health cover. When you are ill you do not want any uncertainty or inconvenience, your worries can be substantial enough without added pressures.

Whilst the National Health Service has a very good system for dealing with emergencies and chronic situations, the waiting list nationwide for less urgent operations continues to grow.

Having to wait months, or even years, suffering discomfort and pain could have disastrous effects on your work and family life. By joining either plan, these problems will be overcome.

Executive Medical Plans

The Executive Medical Plan comprehensive brochure offers two levels of cover to choose from for nursing and accommodation costs, theatre fees, drugs, intensive care, surgical charges, out-patient treatment and expenses such as home nursing and private ambulances offered by HMCA Insurance.

Why is HMCA so competitive?

With over 40 years of intimate experience of the insurance and underwriting profession, HMCA is able to arrange value for money products within the health care market.

  • HMCA has minimal advertising costs.
  • HMCA works with the Underwriter to minimise cost bases and this is reflected in the subscriptions it charges.
  • Whilst we are competitive with the subscriptions we offer, HMCA will never compromise on service – we operate a UK based telephone service.
  • In a recent survey 88% of respondents said they saved money transferring to HMCA from other private medical providers.

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