Caring for your physical and mental health

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Caring for your physical and mental health We are living increasingly fractious and frenetic lifestyles, locked in a battle of wits with our heads, hearts and workloads. We know that we’ll have to slow down at some point, and yet the pressures placed upon us by society mean that we’re no longer content to sit back and watch the world go by. We’re involved in everything, concerned by everything, and intent on pleasing all of those around us before we chase our own dreams. You’re no doubt desperate to escape the never-ending cycle of work, stress and play. There’s got [...]

The changing face of healthcare in the UK

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The changing face of healthcare in the UK Coronavirus has changed every aspect of our lives: how we work, how we shop and how we socialise. It also appears to be changing how we look after our health. According to a recent national survey* a growing  number of people in the UK are considering taking out private medical insurance, with 27% of those polled saying  they have thought about paying privately for healthcare, compared with only 15% before the pandemic struck. The NHS response to the coronavirus outbreak has been heroic. The skill and dedication of hospital staff have saved [...]

Taking the financial worry out of hospital stays

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Taking the financial worry out of hospital stays It's easy to take good health for granted. When you are fit and well it's natural to assume you will – despite the occasional cold or other minor illness – remain fit and well. But regardless of how much you exercise and watch your diet, your physical well-being is fragile and prone at any time to being suddenly undermined by an illness or accident that requires a stay in hospital. On being admitted to hospital the last thing anyone needs is to be worrying over money. Unfortunately, the financial demands of [...]

A flexible, affordable alternative to long NHS waiting times

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A flexible, affordable alternative to long NHS waiting times More and more people are enjoying the benefits of private healthcare as they seek an alternative to an NHS that is severely under pressure. An ageing population and a shortage of doctors and nurses has resulted in long waiting times, cancelled operations and overcrowded wards. Despite the best efforts of clinical staff working within the health service, the general view is that there is a crisis in the NHS and that the problems are getting worse. According to statistics from NHS England, at the end of April 2019 there were 1,055,600 [...]

A private dental plan that doesn’t bite into your pocket

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A private dental plan that doesn't bite into your pocket When I was a child I would frequently ask my grandmother how old she was. Smiling broadly, she would reply to my impudent question by saying, "I'm as old as my tongue but a little older than my teeth." She could give this cryptic response because despite her advanced years she still had all her own teeth. Any dentist will tell you, your teeth should last a lifetime. Keeping your gums and teeth healthy depends on good oral hygiene, which includes daily brushing and regular dental examinations to enable your [...]