A flexible, affordable alternative to long NHS waiting times

More and more people are enjoying the benefits of private healthcare as they seek an alternative to an NHS that is severely under pressure. An ageing population and a shortage of doctors and nurses has resulted in long waiting times, cancelled operations and overcrowded wards. Despite the best efforts of clinical staff working within the health service, the general view is that there is a crisis in the NHS and that the problems are getting worse. According to statistics from NHS England, at the end of April 2019 there were 1,055,600 patients waiting for a key diagnostic test. This is an increase of 56,700 from April 2018.

Healthcare when you need it

Private healthcare has traditionally been seen as a luxury and only affordable for the wealthy, but that is changing. Ordinary people with average incomes are finding that for a relatively modest financial outlay, they too can be assured of receiving medical care when they need it and avoid the worry that comes from waiting weeks or months for NHS treatment. Many people today are enjoying the benefits of private healthcare through workplace schemes provided by their employer. But for those who belong to a professional or trade organisation or other association there is another avenue open to private health cover. The Hospital and Medical Care Association (HMCA) has been providing highly competitive health insurance exclusively to trade, professional and membership organisations since the 1970s. Tens of thousands of policy holders in the UK enjoy the security and financial benefits from its range of health plans. HMCA’s highly experienced staff can help you tailor a plan that best meets your needs and claims are always settled promptly.

Comprehensive cover

HMCA’s products are designed to cover all aspect of healthcare as well as eliminate the concerns about money that many people have when they fall ill. These include a choice of three medical plans that can also include family members; income protection to ensure you can keep up with your financial commitments should you find yourself off work due to injury or illness; a personal accident plan providing up to £150,000 cover; a hospital cash plan offering generous payments worth £225 (tax free) every day you have to stay in hospital; and a dental plan covering everything from routine examinations and hygiene work to primary treatment for cancer of the mouth and gums.

Generally, HMCA’s healthcare insurance policies require no medical examination before being accepted onto a plan, offer worldwide cover and have no age restriction.

Private healthcare removes the anxiety that long waiting times for NHS tests and treatment can cause. It does not prevent you from using NHS GP and emergency services, but it does give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that in the event you fall ill you will be diagnosed and treated in the quickest possible time.

For further information and quotations contact HMCA by telephone on 01423 799949.