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Are you paying too much for your medical cover?
If you become an annual Medical Plan member you will receive a 40% discount and guaranteed acceptance.


About Our Medical Plans

The HMCA Medical Plans provides comprehensive benefits when you need them. There is no waiting period and you will have access to fast and efficient treatment by top surgeons. This will be at the hospital of your choice, ensuring first-class nursing and the privacy of your own room with the facilities you would expect at this stressful time.

HMCA's view is that whilst the NHS is a resource available to all, it does not treat everything in the place and time that suits you or your family.

It is also our view that no one should have to wait to go into hospital. To be in pain, waiting to go into hospital and unable to carry on your normal life is a triple blow for anyone. We have all heard of people who have been in this situation of not knowing when they will get the treatment they need.

HMCA understands that everyone's needs are different which is why we have arranged three levels of Medical Plan with HMCA Insurance Ltd.

Transfer to HMCA today

You may transfer to HMCA Insurance at any age without a medical examination, with no break in protection and with a fourteen day money-back guarantee. Upon joining the plan, you will receive a £50 Marks & Spencer or a John Lewis gift card. In addition, the plan includes a Personal Accident benefit. Access to a 24-hour GP Advice Helpline is available on our Plus Plans.

This offer is also available to you if you do not presently have private medical cover. Plus:

  • Guaranteed acceptance. All ages are accepted and medical examination is not required.
  • There is a tax free NHS cash benefit.
  • Excess or moratorium available.
  • Children up to 26 are included in a family plan.
  • Excellent UK based personal member services.

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Learn more about our Medical Plans

Medical Care Plan

The Medical Care Plan provides benefits towards out-patient, day case and in-patient treatment and these benefits continue whilst you travel abroad.

Medical Saver Plan

The Medical Saver Plan provides benefits towards in-patient treatment and these benefits continue whilst you travel abroad.

Medical Starter Plan

The Medical Starter Plan provides benefits towards in-patient treatment in the UK only.