Medical Care Plans

Illustration of HMCA medical plans
HMCA arranges medical plans suitable for all budgets.


HMCA arranges Medical Plans insured by HMCA Insurance Ltd, Gibraltar. These plans are available through HMCA for members of trade, professional and membership groups.

These Medical Plans are designed to provide various benefits for the treatment of acute conditions following a visit to your GP, where the NHS are unable to provide you with the treatment you need at a time, or location, which is convenient for you.

HMCA's view is that whilst the NHS is a resource available to all, it does not treat everything in the place and time that suits you or your family.

Certain types of treatment, such as emergency admissions to A&E, radiotherapy or chemotherapy and management of long-term illnesses are very costly and are always provided by the NHS, so, to keep our subscriptions low, they fall outside the scope of the Medical Plans private benefits. However, the plans do pay cash grants towards radiotherapy or chemotherapy and for each night spent as an NHS patient. See the policy terms for further details.

HMCA understands that everyone's needs are different which is why we have arranged three levels of Medical Plan with HMCA Insurance Limited.

  • The Medical Care Plan provides benefits towards out-patient, day case and in-patient treatment and these benefits continue whilst you travel abroad.
  • The Medical Saver Plan provides benefits towards in-patient treatment and these benefits continue whilst you travel abroad.
  • The Medical Starter Plan provides benefits towards in-patient treatment in the UK only.

Please click here for more information on the levels of cover available, which may be higher or lower than other providers.


  • Prompt claims settlement.
  • There are No age restrictions.
  • Free medical information helpline including counselling.
  • If you already hold cover with another medical provider HMCA Insurance offer a Special Guaranteed Transfer Facility.
  • No Excess.
  • The family plan covers children in full-time education, or when single and living at home up to the age of 26.
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